The InsurGents take decades of experience across diverse, contrasting genre and distill it into a unique brand of electro pop rock. Taking from every influence imaginable, the powerhouse duo have produced an all-killer no-filler album of classic tunes, for the head, the heart, the feet, and for other places. Containing epic drops, air-guitar inducing guitar work, analogue tape machines, heaving drum machines, stratospheric soundscapes, spoken word gems, transcendent lyrics, butt-shaking basslines, insightful socio-political references, and space age themes; this album contains a swagger and confidence that belies its debut status. Reminiscent of lush album productions of the 1980s, this full-frequency sonic expression is best enjoyed on your highest resolution playback machine at plentiful volume. The InsurGents have fused a unique art-pop genre, by feeding their ever stoked cauldron with explosive musical ideas. A triumphant and assured debut release.

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Australia’s musical answer to “What’s next?” Influenced by the likes of Queen, The Killers, Dire Straits and Sting. On the InsurGents debut album Wallis’ vocal abilities move from silky jazz tones to Mercury-esque heights.  You ears are drawn to the depth of Nikolsky’s detailed guitar work and cranking attitude with epic solos and melodic riffs. The combination of these two great Aussie musician/producers and the seemingly endless range of special guests and collaborators leaves no stone unturned in creating an atmosphere of musical cinema for the listener. The result is a diverse combination of rock guitar, pop stylings, electronic synths, killer drops, and insightful vocals.

Genres: Electronic, Rock, Power Pop, Electro Pop, Synth-Pop, Adult Contemporary.

Sounds Like: Daft Punk, Arcade Fire, The album Sting never recorded, Dire Straits for the 21st century, Queen, The Killers, Empire of The Sun